Do you hate trying to sleep in the heat? Whether you're travelling to warmer climes or are experiencing one of the UK's five, rare warm nights of the year, getting some decent shut eye can be tricky when you're all hot and bothered.

We're on a mission to get the Isle of Man sleeping well and so, we've come up with 11 cool ideas to help you drift off on those muggy nights...

1. Don't Sleep Naked

This might sound counter-intuitive, but sleeping in your birthday suit may actually make you even hotter. Choosing loose pyjamas made from natural fibres like cotton can help to wick sweat away from your fevered skin, helping you feel cooler.

2. Create a Cross Breeze

Did you know there's an ultimate fan strategy for keeping rooms cool? The most cooling set up is to have your bed beneath the window and a fan pointing directly across your bed towards it. This creates a two-way “cross breeze” for maximum coolness.

3. Create a Cooling Mist

If cavemen could use air conditioning, this would be it. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Heap ice from your freezer into a shallow tray, then arrange it in front of your fan to create a soothing, icy breeze. For an hour or so at least…

4. Hang a Damp Cloth Over Your Window

If there is a breeze blowing on a warm night, you can help cool it (and yourself) by making a light sheet damp, then hanging it in front of your window to create a cooling effect.

5. Sleep Alone

For lonely hearts, this isn't too much of a problem, but for snuggled up lovebirds, sharing a bed is a recipe for discomfort on hot, sleepless nights. Banish your bedmate to a guest room or take the sofa to save yourself!

6. Abandon Ship!

A great mattress may be a treat for the spine, but on hot nights these heat-retaining surfaces will make you feel even hotter. If your joints can take it, abandon your bed altogether and set yourself up on a mat or in a hammock to boost air circulation and keep yourself cool.

7. Freeze a Hot Water Bottle

Put your hot water bottle to good use even in the summer by filling it with water and then freezing it to give yourself some cool relief.

8. Invest in a Chillow

If you want to take you're cooling one step further, why not invest in a Chillow, designed especially to keep your pillow blissfully cool?

9. Disconnect

Like to catch up on your favourite series before bed? All those laptops, tablets and smartphones in your bed can help make hot nights even hotter. Keep the tech out of your bed to maximise coolness.

10. Get Moist

Known as the Egyptian Method, dampening a sheet before sticking it on a quick spin cycle and sleeping beneath is an effective way to keep yourself cool, if you can handle the strange sensation.

11. Be Spreadeagle

The more surface area you can give your body, the more easily heat will evaporate and your skin will cool. Kick your partner out of bed, spread your arms and legs wide and go full starfish to stay as cool as possible.

Do you have any tips or tricks which help you stay cool on hot summer nights? How do you keep your pillow cool? Share your ideas and techniques with other readers in the comments section below!

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