• Welcome 2018 - Looking Back at 2017

    The Christmas decorations may be away, but we've got plenty of reasons for you to be excited about 2018, particularly after such a great 2017. Speaking of 2017, we wanted to take the chance to look back on the best parts of an excellent year. So join us on a journey looking back through 2017, and let us know your favourite parts of the year. Continue reading

  • The 12 Days of Bedco 2017

    Christmas is just around the corner, and those of you with incredible memories may remember that last year we ran a competition called ‘The 12 Days of Bedco’ to really get everyone in the mood for Christmas. Well, because so many of you loved the competition, we’re delighted to launch the 2017 edition of the 12 Days of Bedco. Continue reading

  • Bedco Summer Competition

    At Bedco, we love the Summer; it really is our favourite time of year. To celebrate our love of the Summer, we’re giving away a great prize to one lucky winner, in our Summer Giveaway. To win this fab prize, you will need to enter on Facebook, answering one simple question. The answer to the question lies within this blog post.

    While we’ve got your attention, we wanted to share with you the top products available at Bedco this Summer.

    Continue reading
  • Top Tips for Sleeping When Pregnant

    Whether you’ve had little ones before or you’re expecting for the first time, you’ve probably noticed that getting a comfortable night’s sleep isn’t all that easy when you’re pregnant - especially in the later stages.

    However, with new research highlighting the dangers of certain sleep positions, it’s becoming even clearer that how you sleep is just as important for your baby’s wellbeing as it is for yours.

    Here are some top tips on what to try and what to avoid... Continue reading

  • How to Work Around Your Partner’s Sleeping Pattern

    It’s the age-old tale: two souls from warring families fall in love and succumb to a lifetime of late nights and grouchy mornings.

    No, we’re not misremembering Romeo and Juliet, we’re talking about when Early Birds and Night Owls collide.

    If you and your partner are struggling to cope with each other’s sleeping patterns, here are some things you can try... Continue reading

  • Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

    Do you find yourself waking up from a night’s sleep, but not feeling rested? Have you tried all the ‘good night’s sleep’ tips to no avail?

    It might not be your pre-bedtime habits that are leaving you tossing and turning, but the layout of your bedroom.

    Check out our feng shui tips to bring peace, balance and tranquility to your sleeping chamber... Continue reading

  • Our Top 5 Favourite Trustpilot Reviews

    At Bedco, we’re always keen to provide the best possible service.

    That's why we ask all our customers to review us on Trustpilot, so we can check that their experience matched the high standards we set for ourselves.

    If you've bought a bed, mattress, bedding or bedroom furniture from us recently, we'd love to hear what you thought of the customer service you experienced, so please hop over to Trustpilot and leave a review. Continue reading

  • How Not to Lose Any Sleep When the Clocks Go Forward

    Sunshine, lighter evenings, bunnies, CHOCOLATE; we love everything about spring!

    Well, nearly everything...

    While the evenings may be lighter, the change does come with a sacrifice, namely losing that precious hour of sleep in the morning when the clocks go forward. Unless, that is, you follow our handy guide to not losing any sleep this time round. Continue reading

  • How to Prepare Your Bedroom for Spring

    From the newly sunny days to the newly green trees, there’s no denying that spring has most definitely sprung.

    What better time to have a little bedroom revamp?

    We’re not just talking boring old cleaning either; here are our top tips for preparing your bedroom for spring. Continue reading

  • Top 5 New Products for National Bed Month

    March marks National Bed Month so it's time to celebrate all things bedroom related! Not that we need an excuse here at Bedco.

    In honour of NBM 2017, we’ll be launching a new competition on Facebook giving you the chance to win a great prize, so keep this blog handy, it may hold the answer to winning the competition. Continue reading

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