• Winding Down Wellness - How to Get Ready for Bed

    When you hear ‘getting ready for bed’, what comes to mind? Brushing your teeth or removing your makeup? Planning the next day or putting on your PJs? While all those things are an important part of our bedtime routines, getting ready for a good night’s sleep can actually start a lot earlier in the day. Continue reading

  • How to Combat Sleep Deprivation

    Ever since a certain Iron Lady boasted of getting by on just four hours of sleep a night, spending a whole night in bed has become something of a symbol of laziness. But, while skipping those Zs might seem like a good idea for productivity, the damage done by sleep deprivation far outweighs having a bit of extra time in our day. Continue reading

  • Tiring Out the Kids for a Good Night’s Sleep

    The summer holidays are in full swing and, while this might be an endless source of delight to your kids, you may find that your home is suddenly full of little bundles of energy for whom bedtime is never an option. Without the daily stresses of school, children need a little extra activity to tire them out in the summer holidays, to make sure that they get the good night’s sleep that is vital to both their mental and physical wellbeing. Continue reading

  • Bedco’s Draw Your Dreams

    Dreams are a valuable window into examining your mental and physical health. If you’re regularly having bad, scary or uncomfortable dreams, it can be a good indicator of how you might be feeling subconsciously.

    “In my experience working with dreams, I ask clients to focus their recall on the emotions they felt while dreaming and the lingering feelings their dream engendered once they had woken,” says Sally Baker, an award-winning senior therapist based in London. “While they recall the narrative of their dream, I prompt them to allow themselves to feel the emotions they’d had previously and track those feelings back to their origin. In this way, the dream has acted as a key, waiting to unlock their subconscious thoughts and emotions.” Continue reading

  • 11 Ways to Get Some Sleep on Hot Summer Nights

    Do you hate trying to sleep in the heat? Whether you're travelling to warmer climes or are experiencing one of the UK's five, rare warm nights of the year, getting some decent shut eye can be tricky when you're all hot and bothered.

    We're on a mission to get the Isle of Man sleeping well and so, we've come up with 11 cool ideas to help you drift off on those muggy nights... Continue reading

  • How to Work Around Your Partner’s Sleeping Pattern

    It’s the age-old tale: two souls from warring families fall in love and succumb to a lifetime of late nights and grouchy mornings.

    No, we’re not misremembering Romeo and Juliet, we’re talking about when Early Birds and Night Owls collide.

    If you and your partner are struggling to cope with each other’s sleeping patterns, here are some things you can try... Continue reading

  • Waking Up Well: How to Start Your Day in Style

    Most people tend to try and spend their morning doing some exercise or eating a healthy breakfast in order to get their day off to the best start – but did you know your mood can be affected from the very second you wake up?

    Waking up badly – for example, with a start or feeling tired – can negatively affect your day, no matter how healthy your breakfast is. Make sure you start your days in the best way possible with these easy tips to waking up well.  Continue reading

  • Bedco Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary With Wellness Campaign

    We are delighted to be celebrating our 10-year anniversary by launching a wellness campaign for the island’s residents.

    Owned by Dee and Dick Stockman, Bedco was established in 2008 and has since grown into the buzzing local business it is now, with a 5* Trustpilot rating and reputation for quality. It is the only specialist bed and bedroom furniture retailer on the island. Continue reading

  • Isle of Man TT: Why Sleep Matters to a Superbike Racer

    May is the biggest month of the year for the Isle of Man, as thousands of motorbike enthusiasts descend on the island for the Isle of Man TT, a two-week extravaganza of high-speed motorcycle racing.

    As an Isle of Man-based company, we always look forward to welcoming people from all over the world, while taking in two weeks of adrenaline-filled motorsport. Needless to say, we can’t wait for this year’s event to kick off on 26 May.

    To mark the occasion, we caught up with professional superbike racer Jamie Perrin to find out how he prepares for a big race. As he explains below, getting a good night’s sleep is essential to staying alert on the track. Continue reading

  • Box Springs, Slats and Platforms - Choosing the Right Bed Frame

    Did you know that the average person spends 229,961 hours asleep during their lifetime? That’s nearly a third of your entire life. Nowadays, with a whole range of sleep studies and research available, we’re more aware than ever of just how important all that sleep can be. From boosting your mood and productivity to helping with other wellbeing concerns such as mental health and weight loss, a good night’s sleep is invaluable. Continue reading

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